1 philosophy for 4 levers

Sustainability is a core component of our business model and philosophy.  Our strategy integrates economic ambitions through four sustainability levers: footprint, innovation, sourcing and care. This is how we manage to ensure to all of our stakeholders – from suppliers to final consumers – that they take part of our journey for success through a long term oriented value creation.

Our commitments for 2020


We commit to minimize our carbon footprint along the entire value chain

Climate protection
We commit to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 5% per year

Process improvment
We commit to reduce our water consumption by 4% per year

Resource efficiency
We commit to reduce our waste by 4% per year


We commit to optimize both social and ecological added value of our products through consistent integration of sustainability criteria in our production development processes.

Responsible Innovation
We commit that 100% of our new product developments are assessed among sustainability criteria from 2018

Biodiversity integration
We commit to develop one initiative per year and per region


We commit to value sustainability through our sourcing of raw materials and supply chains

We commit to be able to insure the traceability of 100% of our strategic raw materials





We commit to create lasting values' environment for our employees and to embrace our social responsibility

Employee well-being
We commit to get 80% of our employees satisfied or very satisfied with their employment in general in 2017

Health & Safety
By 2020, we commit to improve occupational health and safety by 20% per year

Gender Equality
Since September 1, 2019, Diana publishes its Gender Equality Index which results from the calculation of 5 indicators made mandatory under French law "For the freedom to choose one's professional future".

The results are as follows:
SPF SAS: 90/100