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On September 22nd, Diana Pet Food employees went car-free for the first time

The world car free day was a global success thanks to the involvement of the local teams, led by their sustainability ambassadors.

Traceability: trust at every step of the value chain

The very first cornerstone of consumers’ trust is traceability, ensuring safety and quality of a product from its origins to its distribution.

Clean & clear : good practices for product labelling

How actors of the food and beverage industry may align their labelling strategy to consumers’ expectations ? Insights from Diana Food’s expert

Rooting for quality sourcing: agronomic expertise and backward integration

Diana Food sources the best fresh raw materials, thanks to a special attention given to agronomy good practices.

Trust, pleasure and sensory experience: a consumer-oriented revolution

The food and beverage industry’s strategy is now driven by consumers’ trends and expectations around trust, pleasure and sensory experience.

Step by step: our innovation chain for unique products

Innovation is key in Diana Food’s development strategy. Discover the steps that lead to the conception of our unique solutions.

Authenticity: a consumers’ prime value

Prime value and true way of life for consumers, reflecting authenticity has rapidly become the new main target for food and beverage industry.

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