Diana Pet Food supports “Veterinarians Without Borders”

For its 20-year anniversary, Diana Pet Food wanted to make a donation to a non-profit organization. You voted in favor of “Veterinarians Without Borders”. Thank you for your participation!

All the best for 2018!

Thanks to our clients and partners for our 20 years of business and continuous trust in our partnership!

Odalia new range of odour management solutions for cat litters

Odalia launches C’SCENT, a unique range of odour management solutions for cat litters, meeting both owners’ expectations and cats’ needs.

On September 22nd, Diana Pet Food employees went car-free for the first time

The world car free day was a global success thanks to the involvement of the local teams, led by their sustainability ambassadors.

Traceability: trust at every step of the value chain

The very first cornerstone of consumers’ trust is traceability, ensuring safety and quality of a product from its origins to its distribution.

Clean and clear: good practices for product labelling

How actors of the food and beverage industry may align their labelling strategy to consumers’ expectations ? Insights from Diana Food’s expert

Rooting for quality sourcing: agronomic expertise and backward integration

Diana Food sources the best fresh raw materials, thanks to a special attention given to agronomy good practices.

Trust, pleasure and sensory experience: a consumer-oriented revolution

The food and beverage industry’s strategy is now driven by consumers’ trends and expectations around trust, pleasure and sensory experience.

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