Diana Nova: a unique incubator for innovation in nutrition

Our mission

Diana Nova accelerates and incubates activities and businesses, to explore new territories in health and nutrition.

  • For individuals: Satisfy consumers’ needs for well-being and balanced nutrition
  • For the population: Feed all population, keeping them in an optimal health status
  • For our planet: Develop sustainable nutrition adapted to upcoming needs and environmental changes



How? By being always flexible, agile and innovative

Diana Nova clears organisational barriers to encourage open innovation; cross-fertilises expertise and knowledge from a range of businesses and markets to accelerate development activities in health and nutrition for humans and animals; and provides incubation of promising and pioneering new ideas.  Our activities to achieve leadership in health and nutrition innovation are clustered under three platforms.

Our platforms

Making a difference in the lives of consumers and our customers, with innovative, unique and high performing solutions delivering natural Food Protection that they can trust.

We want to develop the healthiest nutrition solutions & services, contributing to the "healthy living" of consumers. Our ambition is to reach leadership positions by working transversally across our organization and multiplying partnerships to develop new and improved offers to promote health in a natural & sustainable way. Through investment in clinical trials and scientific studies, we provide customised and well-supported products & services.

We want to be the global reference in natural solutions supporting health through microbiota modulation for humans and animals. We are developing long-term international scientific collaborations with leading experts to use cutting edge science. We build knowledge and establish capabilities to develop tailor made natural health solutions.