The dream of a visionary pioneer

In 1952, in a small town of Brittany in France, a simple miller called Jean Guyomarc'h launched his company specialized in food products for poultry. His vision that was about to revolutionize French habits of consumption was inspired by Americans who were eating turkey all year long. He then was the 1rst in France to launch edible product formats made from poultry which could easily be distributed in supermarkets: the commercial brands "Père Dodu" and "Galina" were born.

An avant-garde approach to sustainability

Frugal by nature and culture, Jean Guyomarc'h's obsession was to find new ways to avoid any kind of waste on the whole line of production. Thus, every single part of the animals has to be consumed, one way or another! That is how he had the brilliant idea to transform the leftovers into natural, valuable food extracts.

Transcending nature's gifts

As a passionate innovator, Mr. Guyomarc'h was constantly seeking new products, pushing his exploration further and further. From new natural extracts to diversity his activity to new synergies, he acquired new businesses, regrouped under a common banner named DIANA in 1990. An acronym meaning in French "Division des Ingrédients Alimentaires Naturels" (Natural edible ingredients' division).

Discover our history


ADF/IDF joins the Nutrition Segment of Symrise, working closely with Diana


Probi, leader in probiotics, joins the Nutrition Segment of Symrise as a subsidiary / Acquisition of Nutracanada (Canada) specialized in Cranberry extract


Diana acquired by the Symrise Group


Acquisition of Confoco S.A. (Ecuador) and Confoco International (UK) / Opening of a new Pet Food plant in Russia


Sales office in China / New Pet Food production plants in Canada, in Oklahoma (USA), and in South Africa / Acquisitions of Ecuaproteins S.A. (Ecuador), Arômes de Chacé (Europe), Food vegetable business Pacific Pure Aid in Oregon (USA)


Creation of an R&D center of excellence in Rennes, France / Creation of AquaSea Costa Rica / Acquistion of MAP Technologies (UK)


Sales offices in Russia and in Canada


Sales offices in Chile and in South Africa / Opening of SPF Thailand / New Plant SPF Argentina


Sales office in Japan / Biofrut becomes DN Chile


Sales office in Thailand / Creation of SPF South USA / Acquisition of Biofrut in Chile


Creation of Aquativ / Creation of SPF Hungary


Sales office in China


Sales offices in Asia and in Colombia / Acquisition of Villers in France


Sales office in the US / Creation of SPF Mexico


Creation of SPF UK, SPF Spain and SPF Australia / Sales office in China


Acquisition of Mondovi Foods


Creation of SPF Argentina


Creation of Pet Food (SPF)


Creation of SPF Brazil


Creation of Diana